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F436M Washer/Plain Washer, M12-M100, Plain/Dacromet

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F436M Washer/Plain Washer, M12-M100, Plain/Dacromet
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Name: F436M Washer/Plain Washer
Material: S45C/40CR
Size: M12-M100
Finish: Plain/black/ZINC/HDG/Dacromet
Standard: F436M
Hardness: HV300/HRC35-45
Application: Construction, Bridges, Machinery And Automobile Manufacturing
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: YNK
Certification: ISO9001;ISO14001;ISO45001;CE
Model Number: F436M
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Pallet
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 50T For 1 day
Product Description



      F436M washers, also known as plain washers, are specified by the ASTM F436M standard. They are used in structural applications to provide a larger bearing surface and distribute the load when used with bolts or screws. The size range you mentioned, M12 to M100, refers to the metric diameter of the bolt or screw they are designed to work with.

      When it comes to surface finishes for F436M washers, two common options are plain and Dacromet. Let's explore each of these finishes:

      1.Plain finish: Plain washers have no additional coating or finish applied to them. They are typically made of carbon steel and do not provide corrosion resistance. Plain washers are commonly used in indoor or dry environments where exposure to moisture or corrosive elements is limited. However, they may rust over time if subjected to moisture or harsh conditions.

      2.Dacromet finish: Dacromet is a brand name for a type of coating that offers excellent corrosion resistance. It is an inorganic coating applied to the surface of the washer through a dip-spin process. Dacromet coatings provide a high level of protection against corrosion, salt spray, and various chemicals. They are commonly used in applications where washers are exposed to harsh environments or where long-term corrosion protection is required.

      The choice between plain and Dacromet finishes depends on the specific application requirements, considering factors such as the operating environment and the desired level of corrosion protection. Dacromet-coated washers are typically preferred for outdoor or highly corrosive environments where enhanced protection is crucial. Plain washers may be suitable for less demanding indoor or dry applications where corrosion resistance is not a significant concern.



Material 45#/40CR
Size M12-M100
Finish Plain/black/ZINC/HDG/Dacromet/Mechanical Galvanized
Hardness HV300/HRC35-45
Marking can be Customized
Application Constrution/Wind turbines/railway line
Packing Carton+ pallet; we can pack washers as your requirements
Terms FOB+shanghai/ningbo
Delivery time 30-70days


Size Inner diameter(max) Inner diameter(min) Outside diameter(max) Outside diameter(min)





M12 14.4 14.0 27.0 25.7 4.6 3.1
M14 16.4 16.0 30.0 28.7 4.6 3.1
M16 18.4 18.0 34.0 32.4 4.6 3.1
M20 22.5 22.0 42.0 40.4 4.6 3.1
M22 24.5 24.0 44.0 42.4 4.6 3.4
M24 26.5 26.0 50.5 48.4 4.6 3.4
M27 30.5 30.0 56.0 54.1 4.6 3.4
M30 33.6 33.0 60.0 58.1 4.6 3.4
M36 39.6 39.0 72.0 70.1 4.6 3.4
M42 45.6 45.0 84.0 81.8 7.2 4.6
M48 52.7 52.0 95.0 92.8 7.2 4.6
M56 62.7 62.0 107.0 104.8 8.7 6.1
M64 70.7 70.0 118.0 115.8 8.7 6.1
M72 78.7 78.0 130.0 127.5 8.7 6.1
M80 86.9 86.0 142.0 139.5 8.7 6.1
M90 96.9 96.0 159.0 156.5 8.7 6.1
M100 107.9 107.0 176.0 173.5 8.7 6.1




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F436M Washer/Plain Washer, M12-M100, Plain/Dacromet 0F436M Washer/Plain Washer, M12-M100, Plain/Dacromet 1F436M Washer/Plain Washer, M12-M100, Plain/Dacromet 2F436M Washer/Plain Washer, M12-M100, Plain/Dacromet 3

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